"I have been coming to The Pilates Room for a year and a half; and, I have to say it has truly transformed my body. I have been working out for a very long time; but, nothing has worked like Pilates to stretch my muscles, helping my posture, improving my flexibility and giving me great definition in my abdominals. The staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

The Pilates Room puts a great emphasis on technique and making sure that all the exercises are done properly. There is a strong emphasis on proper form and doing each of the exercises completely through the required movements. Because the classes are small, the instructors really get to know the students and what areas of their bodies need additional attention and work. They are able to provide each student with individual attention during the class to make sure that they are doing the exercises properly.

I can't say enough about how great Pilates is and the wonderful environment in which The Pilates Room creates for its students. You will absolutely see results if you stick with the classes on a regular basis."

"I started with The Pilates Room several months ago, after my wife, who had hurt her low back doing Yoga, was raving about how much it had done for her.  I was a bit reluctant as I figured Pilates was “for girls”, plus I had a pretty good exercise routine going on consisting of aerobics and weights, with some stretching (but only when I REALLY needed it). In my first Pilates session, I learned about parts of my body that I did not know about, and lacked any clue as to how to “connect” with them let alone find them, which was a bit frustrating, but I decided to stick with it. Now, a few months later, I am walking around with no back or shoulder pain (these were previously chronic problems), much better posture, a strong core and 25 pounds lighter (no, I did not lose the weight doing Pilates, but the connection it gave me with my body made the weight loss a natural consequence). So, to the universally wonderful warm, knowledgeable, and caring staff at the Pilates Room, I say, thank you very much!!!"

"The Pilates Room is by far the #1 BEST pilates studio in Miami! It is the best studio for 2 reasons:

#1: The staff is excellent. I started working out here 3 years ago when I was a law student. I had very little time and knew nothing about pilates. I took private lessons with co-owner Liza Carmona, who taught me all about pilates: how to use the machines, the proper form, and balance. Liza and the rest of the staff is so kind, patient and professional, everyone feels comfortable here.

#2: The workout is amazing! If you have not tried pilates, you are truly missing out! Pilates is the most fun and forgiving workout. With either a private lesson or reformer class or beach body boot camp, you will work up a sweat and get your muscles toned, and you will always have fun and leave feeling better about your body than when you arrived. I highly recommend the Pilates Room to anyone looking for a good workout with a great group of trainers!"

"The Pilates Room changed my life and my body. I started coming about 2 years ago in order to change up my work out routine. I had done everything from spin to boot camps and still couldn’t get my body where I wanted it. Once I started going to the studio I quit my gym memberships and focused 100% on my Pilates.  I went from a chubby size 4 to a very fit and toned size 0; I feel amazing and look even better! The staff is so attentive and knowledgeable they really get to know you and your body I will continue to be a loyal customer for many, many years to come! I’m very grateful to the Pilates Room and their AMAZING staff for giving me the confidence in myself!"

"Years ago I discovered Pilates, and realized early on, that I would be a student as long as I was able to get to a studio and practice. I am turning 63 this month, and I am determined to be as strong and in the best shape I can be in, as I head into the years ahead.

Passing The Pilates Room several years ago, I finally drove into the parking lot and went up to see what it was all about. I have been to several different types of studios in the past, but moving down to Hallandale Beach, I had to find one closer to home. The studio, the staff, the instructors all were perfect for me. I started off with Privates, as I had been off of Pilates for some time, nursing my dad...then grieving when he passed away. I had found my Pilates Studio, and along the way, an extended family.  Doing the Privates, I discovered it didn't matter which instructor taught me, they all had their own individual strengths.

Now I try to treat myself to a Private every now and then, but usually attend the reformer classes. I travel for work, but when I am home, I try to get to as many classes a week as I possibly can get to. While I see great improvement in my strength, my core, my circulation, and my flexibility, I didn't realize the added benefits I would see to my golf game. I am straighter with my putts, my core and flexibility add yardage to my shots.  I find it helps me mentally as well as physically, also...

An important point to all newcomers, is do not quit, which I almost did after my first or second class. I found it so hard to follow the instructions. There were so many directions. I now love to motivate those who are just starting, not to give up. As a woman once told me, you have to give Pilates at least 10 classes before any of it makes sense, and you can actually do it right. Starting with Privates is the best, so you start out right.

I hope to see all of you who are reading this in The Pilates Room. Don't put it off. Life is too short, so get in the best shape you can as soon as you can...then keep it up."

"I’ve been attending classes at Pilates Room for one year, and in that year, the evolution that I’ve seen in my body has made me proud to be in my skin, finally.  With a spinal surgery in my past, it was important for me to find a type of exercise that would be mindful of my limitations and still be a challenge.  Pilates has done that.  Moreover, the instructors at the Pilates Room, all trained in Stott Pilates, have always shown a deep understanding of and respect for my body, while still believing that I can be better and work harder.  The attention is one-on-one, even during classes, and the atmosphere is friendly and warm.  That’s what keeps me coming back! I am now stronger, leaner, more flexible, and 20 lbs lighter.  I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I do with the team at The Pilates Room."

"My reasons for going to the studio are very simple; I love how my body feels and the very positive energy that I receive.

For many years I was unable to exercise due to a train accident at the age of seven. But I'm stubborn, resilient and determined. After much therapy and pain for many long years, I now enjoy good health and fitness. At the studio you all know my limitations and yet you push me, encourage me in the most positive and professional ways possible. Pilates is a great part of my physical and mental health. Not to say that hanging around you girls makes me young as well.

Thank you for making me part of such a special group of women."

"Having been chronically ill, morbidly obese, and a couch potato for many years, I researched carefully what would best suit my needs and personality before embarking on an exercise program. I decided on Pilates for its proven effectiveness and safety. (I have bad joints and an autoimmune disorder, which meant I needed a program that would not stress my joints and a place that was hygienic.) Stott Pilates seemed especially good as my weight requires a lot of modification of specific exercises. The main psychological obstacle would be the environment. Would it be accepting, friendly even, to a very unfit and heavy person of middle age? Would the staff have the ability to deal with a person of my size and medical issues? And what was up with that strange equipment that seems quite so scary at first sight?

Well, The Pilates Room ended up being a godsend. It's full of light, cheerfulness, and is kept clean. The staff is well-trained and encouraging, with safe practice as a top priority. The equipment is actually quite interesting and fun to use. I have stuck with private sessions for a year already, and I've never kept with any exercise program for even half that long in all my 50 years. I consider the expense of training an investment in my health. Anyone who wants to feel stronger, more limber, and more energetic can benefit from the variety of classes and/or private training at The Pilates Room, because the gals there really care about your health and well-being. They will work hard to make sure YOU work hard to make progress toward your goals. I've seen my quality of life improve in all sorts of areas, even though I am still a very large-sized person. Family and friends have commented on the positive changes. I've seen an improvement in my immune function as well. This is a wonderful place to challenge yourself physically and gain more body confidence. I hope you come by and meet Liza, Michele and the others. They'll make you look better, sure, but more importantly, you will feel a lot better. Pilates works."

"I have a feeling that many of you have been watching my progress and waiting to see how committed I am to the Pilates program. :)  Just to let you know that I am committed and a big part of that is to how I feel when I am there - welcomed and 'let's get down to business'.

Although you all may not see it so much, I believe I am making progress - with very big thanks to Everlea and Michelle Lopez. I have a long way to go, but I feel stronger and more limber - which is allowing me to also purse Tai Chi and take walks.  I am able to bend my knees more then I have been able to for years. Over the past several years I was not able to pursue 'exercise' - so it's all great.

I feel that Everlea and Michelle are committed to making the hour session the best it can be for all in the class.  I believe that they consider my Pilates accomplishments are also their own. The 'controlled' yet 'with energy' comments and the 'engage / relax' is imbedded in my mind. :)

Thanks and keep up the good work!"

"The Pilates Room is a clean, peaceful, supportive and harmonious space. Since the day I joined, it quickly became the foundation for my efforts in embracing a healthy way of living.  Going consistently twice a week has given me the mental and physical core strength that I needed to rid me of 35 pounds of unnecessary weight, to eat healthy foods and to recover from a serious shoulder injury. I had not exercised consistently in years when I started at the Pilates Room. I was out of shape and could not do the movements perfectly. The staff supported me as I did the best I could. Because I was consistent in going, my best gradually got better and I continue to improve. I have incorporated walking, jogging, softball and light weights into my daily life. I leave everything at the door when I walk in there and focus on the practice.

I am grateful to the staff for their skills, professionalism and support. The Pilates Room is my touchstone for a healthy life."