History of Pilates

Founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, The Pilates Method is a system of mind-body exercises, which focuses on breath, proper alignment and strengthening your “core” muscles.

Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body feels, looks and moves. All Pilates exercises are low impact and build strength without adding bulk, giving you a sleek, toned body with the flat abdomen you have always wanted.

Most people begin Pilates to help alleviate back pain or to try something new, but some of the added benefits include a vast improvement in the flexibility of your muscles and spine, heightened body awareness, stress management by centering yourself and focusing on breath, more agility, grace, and improved posture building towards your already or soon-to-be beautiful physique.

Best of all:  Everyone can do Pilates!  No matter what your age or physical fitness level, Pilates will not only work, but also be very beneficial to your individual needs.  Pilates is a safe, sensible, and fun workout.  With so many different props, over 500 exercises in its repertoire and choices of equipment, mat or private classes, you never get the same workout twice!

Most important of all, Pilates teaches you how to become pain-free and perform better in all the tasks of your daily lives.  They may include sitting at a desk for eight hours, rehabilitating an injury, playing a leisure sport, simple walking, or training as a high performance athlete. The truth is regardless of what you do, the techniques you learn in your Pilates classes will always be present and helpful.

Here is our invitation to a new frame of mind to look good, but feel even better!